Meeting Minutes

Bay Port Historical society Meeting minutes

Wednesday, july 6th 2022

Pledge of allegiance

Meeting started at 6:04 pm.


President Sue Schweitzer

Roxy Albrecht

Pat Sluke

Laurie Gillingham

Yolanda Edler

Ben Gothro


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. The museum was open July 2nd and 3rd. Yolanda and Ben worked Sat. Yolanda worked Sunday.
  2. Jack McCain Plumbing and heating installed a new furnace.

New Business

  1. Ben was voted in as the new Secretary.
  2. Sue read the last meeting minutes.
  3. Roxy read the finance report
  4. Sue talked about the new finance and the new duct work. Jack McCain donated the cost of the duct work.
  5. Sue asked Ben to write Jack McCain a thank you letter.
  6. We talked about a schedule for when the Museum will beĀ  open.
  7. Sue talked about a cell phone for the historical Society.
  8. Ben Presented information about the new sign.
  9. Sue made motion for the new signs and posts. Motion granted.
  10. Sue changed the E-mail address to
  11. We talked about a cell phone repeater or internet at the museum.
  12. Sue talked about changing the lights in the museum.
  13. Sue asked if we could do some cleaning while we worked at the museum.
  14. Sue talked about the Bay Port Fish Festival and who would be working at the Museum and up town selling buttons.Roxy and Pat said they would walk the parade route. Ben (Saturday only) and Yolanda agreed to work at the Museum during the Festival.
  15. Sue talked about the Huron County Museum Weekend. We talked about different ideas to do at the Museum during that weekend. Like a car show,food truck,blacksmith Etc.
  16. Ben talked about having shirts to wear during events and Festivals.

Laurie Gillingham Agreed she would take care of the shirt order.


  • Huron County Historical Society Museum weekend is September 23rd and 24th.
  • Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival is August 5th and 6th.

Next Meeting

August 3rd. 2022